Standing Order

There are many ways to donate to St Michael's. The best and most cost effective way is to set up a standing order and complete a Gift Aid form. A standing order allows you to plan and budget your giving to the church, and for us, it provides us with the security of a regular income. If you are a UK tax payer, completing the Gift Aid form (a one time event) allows the church to claim an additional 25% from the government.

To set up or increase a standing order, or to make a one-off donation, please use the bank details below. This is the most efficient way to give as we don’t lose a penny to transaction companies.

Sort Code: 203616
Account Number: 90776580

Give A Little App

You may have noticed that we have recently installed a new “Giving” terminal at the back of the church. The Give a Little app allows you to make one-off credit card payments to St Michael’s using the wireless SumUp tap and pay terminal.

Our parish does not receive any funding outside of what we raise through standing orders and donations from our parishioners and friends of the church. We try to raise £250,000 each year (approximately £5,000 each week) for non-project related funding. Approximately half of this goes towards the general day to day upkeep of the church and church staff, and the rest goes towards the Common Fund to support churches that have insufficient funds to support themselves but are greatly needed in the communities that they serve. Whilst the Give a Little app is not intended to replace regular giving, it serves to facilitate visitors and parishioners who aren’t in a position to donate via standing order, and really helps us in our efforts to raise funds for our church and our community. 

Thank you for your support!

Alan West, 04/02/2020