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The Revd Maxine West gave the first of a three-lecture series to the Highgate Theological Fellowship Group on May 14th.

The general title for the series is Father, Son and Holy Ghost: What the synoptic gospel writers say.

Speaking for nearly an hour on the use of `father’ in the first three gospels Maxine kept a deeply interested audience of about 25 Fellows fully engaged in some of the subtleties of the usage and interpretation of the word. She looked, too, at the use of the Aramaic word Abba; the connection between the use of `father’ and the exercise of God’s Will; the interesting fact that `Father’ is hardly used at all to refer to God in the Old Testament, and the distinctions – perhaps to be examined in future talks – between the Eastern Orthodox church and the Western churches in their understanding of the Spirit. The Orthodox Churches believe the Spirit to be drawn from the Father while the Western churches see it being drawn from the Father and the Son.

On May 21st Maxine will be discussing the differences and similarities among the synoptic gospel writers in the way they use and refer to The Son. All interested people are welcome on Tuesday May 21st at 10.45 for 11.00 am. The lectures, with discussion, last until 12.00.

Tea. Coffee and biscuits are served.

Drew Clode