Renewal of St Michael's Church Electoral Roll 

What is the Electoral Roll?

Electoral rolls provide an indication of the real membership and strength of the church.  They have nothing to do with Government elections!

Church of England Rules require all names to be removed from the current Roll this year and a completely new Roll for St Michael’s has to be prepared – a process that happens every 6 years. 

Why Join?

Enrolment is a way of saying.... “I belong”.  For us it is an act of commitment to St. Michael’s Church and the church as a whole. It opens the way for a greater involvement in the life of the church at parish, deanery, diocesan and national level.

Who can be on the Electoral Roll?

Baptised adults (over 16 years) who live in the parish, or who have worshipped regularly at St. Michael’s for at least six months and are committed to being part of the life of our congregation.

How do I Enrol?

Simply complete the Application for Enrolment and return it by Sunday 7th April latest to our Electoral Roll Officer, Gilly Wesley, by email or by post to Gilly Wesley c/o St Michael's Church, South Grove, London N6 6BJ.

How do I stay in touch?

If you’d like to kept up to date with what’s going on at St Michael’s, please complete the Consent Form, which will enable the church to send you notification of the church's weekly notice sheets, church-related events and other news.  There are two types of Consent Form:

1) for individuals and spouses/partners (if applicable)
2) for families (if you have children under 16 who attend church with you)

Please complete and return the one that applies to you using the same email or postal address as for the Electoral Roll.