Kirima Update 

15 September 2014
Karen Sennett

Kirima circle danceKIRIMA, a small UK charity which supports education in SW Uganda, has been linked with St Michael’s church as one of our Mission Partners for over 10 years. September is the month we particularly focus on KIRIMA . We support Kirima Parents’ Primary School, Great Lakes High School and College and other schools organised by the Uganda charity CHIFCOD. These schools would not exist without the support from KIRIMA. The families in Uganda also contribute to the costs of the education.

Kirima primary school continues to provide excellent primary education for 392 children from nursery to year 6. The school was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the District Director for Education this year, in recognition of the success of the school under the leader-ship of Denis, the headteacher. It is a very happy school as well as achieving good results in the national exams. Some of the children, first educated at Kirima, are now back as adults teaching in the local area.

Great Lakes High school now has science pupils in the sixth form and a new headteacher. Highgate School took a group of pupils to visit and work with the school community in July. Felsted School, Essex, where Nigel Little our former curate is now chaplain, is now also supporting GLHS.

One of the pupils we sponsor, Rachael, who is an orphan living with her aunt, says “I always pray the Lord to help me in my studies, even though we are poor, so that I can help my younger brothers and sisters. I want to become a lawyer.”

What can you do to help?

1. Have a link with one of the children by sponsoring a child at Kirima Primary or Great Lakes High. Only half the pupils have a sponsor at present. Many people at St Michael’s do support these schools. You will find forms at the back of church
2. Make a donation for books or to the hardship fund
3. Pray for the schools and their communities in a poor area of SW Uganda

Thank you, to the many people who already support KIRIMA you are helping to transform the lives and opportunities of some of the world’s poorest children.

Karen Sennett is a Kirima Trustee